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Chinasupplying group is a corporate entity jointly invested and established by ShippingChina and freight forwarding representatives from major ports of China. It’s a freight enterprise supply chain platform.Chinasupplying Group’s business philosophy is to centralize domestic freight forwarders’ industry funds, shipping data and business operation onto one particular online center, it can help freight forwarding companies and international supply chain enterprises to achieve work efficiency and maximize their business benefits.

In China, every year there are hundreds of billions dollars and one trillion Chinese Yuan freight payment, more 100 million Customs Declaration form, 100 million tax invoices, over 100 million bills of lading sheets, 100 million of logistics and warehouse entrust through freight forwarders’ hand, centralized online platform can be more economic benefits side by side of Alibaba. Chinasupplying Group has 3 years operation plan, and then applying for overseas stock market, estimated market capitalization is 5 billion dollars.

The founding shareholders of Chinasupplying Group is the first gene cells, in order to become a business giant it will need numbers of cells and blood to join in the group. Allied group has developed a business strategy and plan for future. We welcome more outstanding freight forwarding companies, ship owners, port companies, international logistics companies, internet companies, financial companies and individual investors to join in our group. Chinasupplying Group is ready to communicate with you now.

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