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1. Payment Center

Chinasupplying group signed a tripartite agreement with banks, freight forwarding companies to set up a designated bank account, to build freight forwarding industry "pool of freight funds", through group’s guarantee to achieved multiples and low interest rate financing quickly, also to get a secure and smooth freight payment.

2. Document Center

Chinasupplying group has NVOCC qualification and it can develop NVOCC bill of lading terms and conditions. It has authorization to issue the unified bill of lading, and is approved by relevant government department. Meanwhile, Chinasupplying group has obtained government tax incentives that can provide efficient and convenient services on invoice, unified tax etc.

3. Trading Center

Freight transactions: the freight spot transactions and forward transactions; logistics transactions: transportation logistics, warehousing and logistics, port logistics, to achieve integration of negotiations, transactions, coordination, tracking and delivery.

4. Project Center

Chinasupplying Group use network and brand advantages to development low-cost, high-efficiency project model, contract large cargo owner, overseas projects, international government procurement Merchants for project investment.

5. Supply Chain Cloud Platform

Chinasupplying Group's core competitiveness is not their size and strength, but the core business of the Allied Group grafted onto the " SEAGLE search" ,WIFFA, shipping mart, shippingchina, as well as other platforms, chain valuable formation on a central business platform, continue to multiply and add value. Finally Chinasupplying Group’s cloud platform will become an international center of finance, ocean shipping, logistics, trades, as well as information, credit standard etc.