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Chinasupplying group Co., LTD. (know as ChinaSupplying) It is divided into four stages of development.:

First, the growth stage:

1. "Finance of freight forwarding", platform, formation, centralization.

2. "freight forwarding of finance", developing of financial and business payment integration rules.

3. "link platform", connect with docking ports, ocean shipping, logistics, banks, insurance platform, to provide financial security services.

4. "funding pool" brand, to create Shipping & Trading B2B platform.

Second, the capital stage:

Shipping & Trading B2B platform is the latest model of the international supply chain and it has great potential of profitability, ChinaSupplying’s business goal is not only to get into oversea stock market, and also as the fast "ascent" tool. It uses virtual economy way to maximum of control over the real economy industry. At the same time, bring return on investment for all shareholders.

Third, Holding stage:

ChinaSupplying "funds + platform" to pattern supply chain industry and to control international procurement and supply chain activities.

Final stage-unbounded stage:

Integration platform, finance, market and human nature.