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President Resume
  • Mr. Kang Shuchun, Chairman of Chinasupplying group Co., LTD, Chairman of Teloonchem International Co., LTD, CEO of www.shippingchina.com. Mr. Kang Shuchun has International Economic degree and graduated from Mid-continent University, used to work at CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) and Sinochem Group.

    In the end of 1996, Asian was in the economic crisis. Mr. Kang Shuchun started his first business-Teloonchem International Co., Ltd. In 2002 he saw the business opportunity on IT industry, He created DALIAN OCEAN SHIPPING INFORMATION CO.LTD and dalian shippingchina company ltd, company independently researched and developed a local foreign trade ERP management software, at the same time he created the first platform of China Shipping Information- www.shippingchina.com, directing diversified teams to operate as one group.

    In 2006, Kang Shuchun proposed the concept of "blue new economy", First time pointed "sixth party logistics" mode, he expounded the idea of blue economy under the process of global economic integration. Mr. Kang ShuChun stated ‘Chinese port comprehensive competitiveness index’, it used scientific idea and method to evaluate, assess and position Chinese ports. When it published that there are 750,000 reports under the GOOGLE search engine within 15 days, it’s on top news of China shipping industry. Mr. Kang Shuchun personally planed and hosted the Global Shipping Summit, he looked ahead and linked regional economic development, GSS has become one of the five largest shipping events in the world.

    In order to overcome economic crisis, in response to the ambitious plan to revitalize logistics shipping industry in 2008 , Mr. Kang Shuchun proposed ‘virtual dry port project program report’ to national ministries, through virtual dry port to integrate logistics system and build China's modernization shipping environments, to Link coastal cities with central and western regions, to connect Chinese market with foreign market, to develop intensive environment for green logistics, to enhance the competitive strength of our shipping and logistics in the international market.

    In November 2012, in order to break through the bottleneck of development of freight forwarding industry, creating new profitable Chinese freight forwarding mode, establishing private enterprises national brand, Mr. Kang Shuchun as representative of freight forwarders from major ports of China, started to establish Chinasupplying group Co., LTD, it provides a cloud platform service for international buyers and suppliers.