Chinasupplying’s prospective shareholder has convened group’s first meeting.


 Chinasupplying Group finally starts off its first meeting after a year of close planning. On 18-19th of August 2012, the meeting successfully convened in JiaXing which is the hold land of Communist Party of China.
Freight forwarding shareholders from China’s eight major ports, the shareholder of ShippingChina, representatives of Deloitte Corporation, Consultants of Asia-Pacific corporate finance platform, CONFIG, HaiJie International Group and Thechoice participated in the meeting.
After two days of intense meetings, Group ultimately through the following programmed content.
•Group core mode: IT + Financial + Freight Forwarding
•Group developing approach: making platform ,centralizing volume, listing NASDAQ, unifying chains
•Group medium-term objectives: Chinasupplying Group is trading on United States' stock market
•Group ultimate goal: create an international procurement and supply chain platform center